Quick Poll: Did your Family and Friends Discourage You From Becoming an Artist?

by I recently read an article about Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines and

Live, Online “Starving” to Successful Workshop October 11th

by Xanadu Gallery Presents “Starving” to Successful Online Workshop Get into Galleries and Sell More Art

Collective Wisdom: Finding your Bread and Butter

by In speaking with a number of artists who have built financially successful careers, I have

Debate | Should you Watermark Art you Are Posting Online?

by I am frequently asked by artists whether they should watermark their artwork before sharing it

A New Look for RedDotBlog

by I first posted on RedDotBlog on July 19th, 2010. Over the last four years the

Free Recording Now Available | The Art of Self Promotion

by by

The “Not Ice Bucket” Challenge

by Again, thanks for your great questions and comments on the previous blog posts. Your input

Were You Born to Be an Artist?

by Dear Artists, First of all, thank you for the great questions you submitted over the past

Quick Announcement and a Favor

by We are VERY close to finishing our long-awaited, all-new online workshop, “Insider Secrets to a

All of RedDotBlog’s Videos and Podcasts are Now Available on our Video Archive Page

by Over the last several years, we’ve created dozens of videos designed to help you build