The “Not Ice Bucket” Challenge

Again, thanks for your great questions and comments on the previous blog posts. Your input is

Were You Born to Be an Artist?

Dear Artists, First of all, thank you for the great questions you submitted over the past couple

Quick Announcement and a Favor

We are VERY close to finishing our long-awaited, all-new online workshop, “Insider Secrets to a Successful

All of RedDotBlog’s Videos and Podcasts are Now Available on our Video Archive Page

Over the last several years, we’ve created dozens of videos designed to help you build a

Debate: Should Artists Show Work in Doctor’s Offices, Banks and Other Business Locations?

Last week, I received an email raising the question of whether it would be worthwhile for

Free Video | How to Sell Art

  Many artists would like to think that good art sells itself, but the reality is

Lessons I Learned Working From Home

During the last month, I gained a new appreciation for those of you who work from

Cultivating your Brand as an Artist

Marketing people love to talk about brands. It’s easy to see that branding is important to

The Art of Being Grateful

Sometimes as an artist, it is easy to focus on your frustration when you compare where

Take a Break! Inspiration for the Creative Mind

Photo: Origami Artist Bernie Peyton – Courtesy of Quite often it’s easy to get caught up